How It Works

1. Minerals
2. Ozone
3. Skincare

The healthiest swimming experience in your own pool

Mineral Swim combines 100% Dead Sea minerals with ozone water purification from Ozone Swim. This system provides crystal-clear and healthy water that’s soft on your skin. You’ll enjoy an exceptional swimming experience in and out of the water.

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100% Dead Sea Minerals

A Unique Swimming Experience

Recreate the relaxing natural, healthy pool experience that people have enjoyed for thousands of years at the Dead Sea. The Mineral Swim System combines the benefits of magnesium-rich Dead Sea minerals with the natural ozone-to-oxygen purification process. Ideal for general skin hydration and helpful for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, the Mineral Swim System will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated.

Mineral Benefits
  • Stimulates hydration
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Crystal clear water
  • Detoxifies & regenerates the skin

Ozone-to-Oxygen Purification

Harnessing the Power of Nature

Ozone-to-oxygen is the smart environmentally friendly choice for pools and spas. Popular in public pools across Australia, Ozone Swim by Brauer Industries harnesses a naturally occurring and powerful process that's up to 3,000 times stronger than traditional purification systems. Combined with mineral sanitation, it delivers crystal clear and healthy water.

Ozone Benefits
  • Safe water purification
  • Odour-free
  • Soft on skin & gentle on eyes
  • Compatible with any existing pool system
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Service Guarantee

Mineral Swim customers will have peace of mind knowing they’re backed by the 12 month Maytronics Customer Service Guarantee. Sit back and enjoy the experience.

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Let’s craft your premium swim experience together. Dive into Mineral Swim and learn all about the benefits of a naturally oxidising pool.

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