My Mineral Pool Conversion

“Installation of the Mineral Swim System is easy in a new or an existing pool.” Lana from Three Birds Reno.

Thursday 12th December, 2019

Lana and her pool

For so many home owners the pool takes pride of place in the residence. Chances are you’ve heard of a group of ladies inspiring amazing home renovations around the country – Three Birds Renovations. Since 2014 they have been transforming loads of properties, amassed a gorgeous group of followers and learned more than they ever could have imagined about renovating.

Lana was fortunate enough to recently upgrade her pool to a Mineral Swim pool. Lana explains, “If you ask me what I’m passionate about, I’m quick to rattle off “my family (including #befreythebunny), my work… and my pool”. Yep, that’s right, I’ve always been slightly obsessed with my pool. My pool always looks amazing because it’s self-cleaning #asgoodasitsounds, so I jumped at the chance to make my pool feel just as good by converting it from saltwater to mineral. But this isn’t just any mineral system, Mineral Swim is #nextlevel! It’s the only system which uses minerals from the Dead Sea (literally!) to make the water feel soft and moisturising. People have been bathing in the Dead Sea for centuries for rejuvenation and detox benefits… and now I’ve got some of that therapeutic magic in my very own backyard.”

Check out the Three Birds Reno site for the low down on Lana’s Mineral Swim pool.Three Birds Renovations