Sydney Family Is Amazed by Mineral Swim

Mineral Swim Showcase - Open Homes Australia Blakehurst

Thursday 8th January, 2019

Blakehurst Home

Mineral Swim, the home of mineral swimming pools using authentic Dead Sea minerals, features heavily in the nationally broadcast homestyle show Open Homes Australia.

In the next instalment we visit a beautiful home in Blakehurst, Sydney. The landscape integrates perfectly with the home and features a Mineral Swim pool as the centrepiece. The new owners were blown away by both the Mineral swim system and the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner.

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Top 10 Reasons Customers Love Their Mineral Swim swimming pool
  1. Mineral Swim is the ultimate for healthy, crystal clear swimming pool water
  2. 100% authentic Dead Sea Mineral are of a very high quality and are a perfect blend for use in your mineral swimming pool.
  3. Perfect for people with sensitive skin, eyes and are susceptible to allergies due to reduce chlorine exposure and the harmful by product of chloramines.
  4. High magnesium concentration in the mineral blend. Discover why Dead Sea minerals are the best for your swimming pool: Take the Dead Sea home.
  5. Ozone Swim – exceptional pool water purification with the dual sanitation system based on the mineral with ozone that reverts to oxygen.
  6. Customer care plan – every mineral swim system comes with a complimentary 6-week and 6-month professional check on your Mineral Swim pool.
  7. AHAVA Dead Sea Skincare – receive a men’s and women’s complimentary mineral skincare pack for an out of pool experience.
  8. Easy to upgrade or install – you can change your salt or chlorine dosed pool with in a day. In Lana’s case it took less than an hour, read the story here: My Mineral Swim conversion
  9. Industry leading 10 year warranty on the Ozone Swim corona discharge cell (this produces ozone from oxygen, ozone reverts back to oxygen after the sanitation process).
  10. Australian made cell and control box.

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