Growing collection of testimonies from our clients and customers

Monday 19th August, 2019

Friends and family relaxing by the pool

Michele and I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our Freedom Pool. We have had chlorine and salt pols previously but the combination of the Dead Sea Salt and the Ozone Swim system is really unique. We not only love the smell of the water as it’s circulating but we feel so refreshed after a swim with no need to rush off to the shower. It’s like living at a Spa resort. Thanks to all the Freedom staff who enabled us to add this great asset to our home.
 - Mark Glynn

Since having the Maytronics Mineral Swim system installed in our pool it has never looked so sparkly and clear! Visitors who don’t know we’ve had it changed over have commented on how clear the water is. The boys tell me the water feels ‘soft’, and as a mum, I'm so happy to create a natural, healthy Dead Sea swimming experience at home.
 - Tasha Moon, QLD

We call it our ‘magic water’ that honestly feels so soft on the skin and is amazing to swim in
 - Olivia Anderson, Flat Out Mum

The Mineral Swim system with Ozone is just fabulous the water is crystal clear and feels like silk on my skin. If the water level goes down it will be because someone is drinking it, it is that pure!!! I believe it is probably the best thing I have done to this pool and I thank you for the recommendation and your care of my pool.
 - Beryl, Londonderry NSW

I love the feel of our skin after swimming in my new Mineral Swim System with Ozone on our pool. Not just mine but the rest of the family and I have also noticed our hair feels soft and not tangled. You can comb it straight through. The clarity of the pool is unbelievable! My pool is literally crystal clear all the time even after there has been a lot of swimming. Prior to this system this was not the case as it would go ‘off’ as soon as a few people had been in the pool and more so if the weather was particularly warm . The transition was made very quick and easy by the team at all clear. Overall I am so happy that I went ahead with the installation of the Ozone Mineral System and highly recommend it to anyone as a new pool or upgrading an existing pool. I particularly recommend All Clear Pool Supplies at Windsor.
 - Julie, Sackvill NSW

We are so happy we took the step to install Mineral Swim with Ozone. We love it! Our pool water has never been so crystal clear, you can see straight to the bottom like there isn’t even water in the pool! We always struggled with the water looking slightly cloudy and now it’s fabulous. Our children suffer with really sensitive skin and since installing the Dead Sea Minerals with Ozone we have noticed the water is really gentle and has reduced any skin flare up’s. I would highly recommend Mineral Swim.
 - Katie, Freemans Reach NSW

We built our indoor pool about 4 & ½ years ago. We have always had Ozone Swim but only recently have added the 100% Dead Sea Minerals. We run our pool as a private indoor heated pool available for exclusive hire. Most of our customers book permanent spots weekly to swim or for Therapy/Rehab. They have definitely noticed softer skin and hair and for this reason quite a few have stopped showering after their swim. They are also getting benefit from the magnesium in the water. We have always had a beautiful pool with the Ozone Swim but now that we have added the minerals as well it has brought the pool to another level. Our customers love the experience and we have had nothing but great feedback. The water is crystal clear, velvety soft, more buoyant and more relaxing for the muscles. We wanted to eliminate having to put in the small amount of chlorine that the pool needed as a backup to the Ozone. We just wanted a 100% Natural product to make the pool healthier for us and our customers. Mineral Swim has certainly done this. We would definitely recommend Mineral Swim. Even though it has only been in our pool for a short time we are really happy with the benefits we and our customers are getting from the minerals so far.
 - Clarke and Rachele Young, Willesden on Stoke Private Pool, New Town, TAS