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Mineral swimming pool maintenance

Looking after a Mineral Swim pool is easier than most may think. The chemical reactions that take place between the minerals, ozone purification technology and your pool mean there is far less maintenance required than in a traditional chlorine or even salt pool.

Mineral Swim & Ozone Swim work by generating ozone to do the majority of sanitising work in your pool, reducing the chlorine demand by up to 80%. Ozone neutralizes organic contaminants instantly and reverts them back to oxygen by the time your water returns to the pool body as it is 3,500 times faster at killing bacteria than chlorine is. This produces noticeably softer water that is also far more hygienic and safe.

*Fun fact: Ozone water purification is the same process that is used to purify bottled mineral water.

The 100% natural Dead Sea minerals, known for their health benefits, have no synthetic additions. The minerals and chlorinator cell causes naturally occurring conversions into smaller amounts of chlorine than in standard pools, necessary for keeping pool water free of bacteria. The level of chlorine is significantly lower than in other pool types - usually sitting around 2.0-3.0ppm compared to the Mineral Swim system with approximately 0.5-1.00ppm.

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More often than not once your system is installed and the pool is converted, the pool maintenance is approximately 4-5 bags of minerals per year (for an average pool size). Minerals are added to the pool water manually only when the water has been lost or after the winter season when pools are typically 'hibernated'.

Chlorine will still be needed but the minerals and ozone purification unit together will dramatically reduce the load on the chlorinator. In most instances, a chlorinator’s output will be halved. Secondly, the flocculation effect makes pool filters more effective.

**All pools will vary depending on the climate, pool environment and frequency of use. Some of these figures may differ as a result. Speak to your local consultant for tailored details if unsure.

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