Includes the latest information, tips and expert advice from Mineral Swim, the market leading mineral and ozone purification water treatment system for your backyard pool.

Maytronics Mineral Swim magnesium pool

Diving into the Health Benefits of a Magnesium Pool

Magnesium pools have evolved past a mere health fad. Find out how dipping into a Mineral Swim™ pool could be just what your body needs to de...

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Advantages of Mineral Pools – Should I Get One?

Deciding whether a mineral pool system is right for you? Discover the many advantages of a mineral pool system and how they work.

girl swimming in crystal clear mineral pool

How to Look After a Mineral Swim Pool

Have you been wondering how to maintain a Mineral Swim pool? We will explain what goes into the maintenance of a Mineral Swim system.

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Traditional Chlorine, Salt or Mineral Pools; What is the Difference?

Learn the difference between a traditional chlorine pool, a saltwater pool and a mineral pool in this comparison

Lana and her mineral swim pool

Lana's Mineral Pool Conversion

For so many home owners the pool takes pride of place in the residence. Chances are you’ve heard of a group of ladies inspiring amazing home...


Sydney family love their new Mineral Swim pool

Open Homes Australia Blakehurst, Sydney featuring a new Mineral Swim pool

eva swimming

Mineral Swim relieves eczema for 11 year old Eva

Swimming relief for eczema sufferers - magnesium bath for eczema

Mineral swim woman at the Dead Sea

Take the Dead Sea home

With many benefits of dead sea minerals, now you can take dead sea pool to your home.