Includes the latest information, tips and expert advice from Mineral Swim, the market leading mineral and ozone purification water treatment system for your backyard pool.

The Benefits of Minerals in Magnesium Pools for Pregnant  Image 1

The Benefits of Minerals in Magnesium Pools for Pregnant Women and Children

Are you expecting a little one or have little ones running around? Keep reading and find out how the minerals in a magnesium pool can benefi...

Mineral pools explained

Mineral Pool Explained: Debunking Common Misconceptions about Mineral Pools

Still debating whether a mineral pool is the right fit for you? This article will clear up any confusion you might have about mineral pools ...

Angie finds comfort with Mineral Swim

Angie Finds Comfort and Relief with Mineral Swim

We visit Angie, a busy grandmother in her 70's from New South Wales who's persistent aches and muscle tension from arthritis, were eased aft...

Mineral Swim Stories Zoe Athletic Recovery

Dive into Wellness: Stories of People Transforming Their Lives with Mineral Swim

How does Mineral Swim transform lives? In this blog, we'll explore the inspiring stories of individuals whose lives have been transformed by...

A Guide to Picking the Right Pool System

Struggling to decide which filtration system to pick for your new pool? Keep reading as we give you the lowdown on the ten most common types...

The ultimate guide to gunite pools

The Ultimate Guide to Gunite Pools: Everything You Need to Know.

Gunite pools are gaining popularity, and it’s easy to see why! Dive into the details and get the lowdown on what makes these pools stand out...

Freshwater pools your questions answered

Freshwater Pools: Your Questions Answered

Freshwater pools are becoming a top pick for many homeowners. But what exactly are they and how do they work? Keep reading to find out!

Natural Pools Embracing the Wonders of Nature

Natural Pools: Embracing the Wonders of Nature

Natural pools are fast becoming the first choice for homeowners. In this article, we break down everything you need to know about these amaz...

A peaceful swim in a mineral pool

Hydrotherapy - Unlocking the Full Potential Through Mineral Pools

Discover the amazing benefits of hydrotherapy through mineral pool. Learn how to rejuvenate and relax with this natural therapy!

Choosing the perfect design for your mineral swimming pool

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Design for Your Mineral Swimming Pool

Looking to design the perfect mineral pool for your backyard oasis? Dive into this ultimate guide and find out which pool design best comple...

1. Natures Benefits of Mineral Spas and Natural Pools edited

The Wonders of Mineral Spas and Natural Pools

Mineral spas and natural pools offer a unique swimming experience. Discover their benefits and learn how to transform your pool into a swimm...

Difference Between Saltwater, Mineral and Magnesium Pools Image 1

The Difference Between Saltwater, Mineral and Magnesium Pools

Struggling to decide which pool sanitising system to pick? Read on and find out which one works best for the pool of your dreams!

Maytronics Mineral Swim magnesium pool

Diving into the Health Benefits of a Magnesium Pool

Magnesium pools have evolved past a mere health fad. Find out how dipping into a Mineral Swim™ pool could be just what your body need.

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Advantages of Mineral Pools – Should I Get One?

Deciding whether a mineral pool system is right for you? Discover the many advantages of a mineral pool system and how they work.

mineral swim minerals 100% dead sea minerals

How to Look After a Mineral Swim Pool

Have you been wondering how to maintain a Mineral Swim pool? We will explain what goes into the maintenance of a Mineral Swim system.

Picture of a pool - blog asset

What is the difference between chlorine, saltwater and mineral pools?

Learn the difference between a traditional chlorine pool, a saltwater pool and a mineral pool in this comparison

Lana and her mineral swim pool

Lana's Mineral Pool Conversion

For so many home owners the pool takes pride of place in the residence. Chances are you’ve heard of a group of ladies inspiring amazing home...


Sydney family love their new Mineral Swim pool

Open Homes Australia Blakehurst, Sydney featuring a new Mineral Swim pool

eva swimming

Mineral Swim relieves eczema for 11 year old Eva

Swimming relief for eczema sufferers - magnesium bath for eczema

Mineral swim woman at the Dead Sea

Take the Dead Sea home

With many benefits of dead sea minerals, now you can take dead sea pool to your home.