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Advantages of Mineral Pools – Should I Get One?

12 Reasons to dive into a MINERAL POOL System this summer

Backyard swimming pools are a way of life in Australia, and with more and more homeowners installing pools each year trying to beat the heat, they’re more popular than ever.

Unfortunately, the outdated, more traditional pool water systems come with a multitude of negatives and disadvantages, due to the use of harsh chemicals. Many pool owners and users are now turning to mineral pool systems for a clearer, healthier and more sustainable alternative – without the harsh chemicals.

So, if the time has come for you to install a pool or update your existing one, it’s important to do your research and discover the many advantages of a mineral pool, to help you make the best decision for you and your lifestyle.

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Advantages of a Mineral Pool System from Mineral Swim

Mineral pool systems have been making a splash lately due to their many health and environmental benefits. Installation is also super simple, and they are compatible with any existing pool water system.

With so many other pool water systems and brands on the market, including traditional chlorine, saltwater and even freshwater, it can be time consuming and laborious to research the features of each one, and why you would consider a mineral pool system over any other.

We’ve done the hard work for you – compiling the top 12 advantages of a mineral pool system:

1. Gentler on the Skin

With 100% Dead Sea Minerals, the natural, magnesium-rich water people have enjoyed for centuries can now be enjoyed in your very own backyard.

Promoting softer, more hydrated and detoxified skin, installing a mineral pool system means you can say goodbye to the itchy, dry skin often caused by regular chlorine and saltwater pools. See below for how it can help eczema sufferers, too.

2. Powerful Purification Process

With a 3000 x more powerful water purification process than traditional methods, ozone instantly neutralises organic contaminants within your pool water, converting it to oxygen before it even enters your pool. That means purer, clearer, hygienic pool water.

3. Up to 80% Reduction in Chlorine

Ozone-to-oxygen purification reduces the chlorine requirement by up to 80% - so no more chlorine-smelling skin, hair, bathers and towels, red eyes or dry skin.

4. Safe for Allergy/Eczema Sufferers

The 80% reduction in chlorine combined with the wonderfully healing and therapeutic benefits of 100% Dead Sea Minerals results in clean, purified pool water with lower pollen concentration, allergens and UV rays, making it gentler on skin, respiratory system and eyes for those who suffer from allergies, asthma and eczema.

5. Promotes Health & Wellbeing

The magnesium-rich high mineral content of a mineral pool system stimulates hydration, relaxes muscles, detoxifies and regenerates the skin and is far softer on skin and eyes than other traditional water purification treatments.

6. Easy to Convert Existing Pools

Whether you are installing a brand new pool, replacing the current system altogether or planning to convert an existing system, a mineral pool system is simple to install and compatible with any existing pool system.

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If you’re converting an existing system, your new mineral pool system can be up and running super quick. You could be diving into your mineral-rich pool and enjoying the benefits within an hour.

7. Reduced Water Wastage

Mineral pool systems can help reduce water wastage in two different ways. Firstly, Magnesium improves water clarity and reduces the requirement for backwashing as it is an effective flocculant.

Secondly, the lower concentration of chemicals in a mineral pool system allows for dilution and the ability to reuse the water for garden irrigation. Swimming in the water one day to watering your plants with it the next means you can sleep at night, knowing precious H2O isn’t (literally) going down the drain.

8. Climate Care Certified

Our mineral pool system Mineral Swim is Climate Care Certified by SPASA (the Swimming Pool Association of Australia), which measures water and energy efficiency and is the benchmark in environmental sustainability.

9. Crystal Clear Water

Dive into crystal clear water free from that strong chlorine smell and enjoy a refreshing swimming experience every time. The magnesium-rich water improves water clarity for a sparkling finish – as pools should be.

No more murky, cloudy, chlorine-y water – think lagoon-like, resort style pool water to make your backyard sparkle.

10. Environmentally Friendly

Less harsh chemicals can only be a good thing for the environment, right? Combined with reduced water wastage, a Climate Care Certification by SPASA and the ability to dilute and reuse old pool water for garden irrigation, MineralSwim means you can rest easy knowing your pool is kinder to the Earth than traditional pool water systems.

11. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Thanks to less harsh chemicals used than traditional pool systems, the life of your pool equipment is prolonged as it accrues less residual and chemical buildup which can corrode and wreak havoc. This saves on replacement, repairs and maintenance of costly pool equipment over the lifetime of your pool.

12. Australian owned and made

We all love to support Aussie owned and made companies and products, and Mineral Swim’s mineral pool system offers exactly that. It’s all designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia specifically for Australian pools too, so it’ll last the test of time with our strong, hot sun and (depending on where you are) harsh conditions.

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Should I Get a Mineral Pool System?

Now you know the facts around mineral pool systems, what they can offer and the many advantages they have over other, more traditional pool water system methods, it’s time to weigh up whether a mineral pool system is right for you.

With so much information floating around about chlorine pools, saltwater pools, mineral pools and freshwater pools, it can be time-consuming to decide and differentiate between them all.

So, we’ve summed up for you in a nutshell the basic advantages a mineral pool can offer…

If you answer “yes” to wanting any of these:

·       Crystal clear, odour-free water

·       Up to 80% less chlorine

·       Multiple health and wellbeing benefits

·       An environmentally friendly pool system

…then the answer is YES! A mineral pool system could be the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.

Different Types of Mineral Pool Systems

There are currently two Mineral Swim mineral pool system products available – read on to find out which one could be the right fit for your circumstances:

Mineral Swim Pro Series

Perfect for new pools or as a replacement for existing pool water systems, the Mineral Swim Pro Series is available in three models for domestic sized pools.

There is no need to install an additional chlorinator because this model offers dual ozone purification and a mineral chlorinator in one. Discover more about the mineral chlorinator model.

Mineral Swim O3 Series

Mineral Swim O3 Series is compatible with any existing pool system up to 120,000 litres and can be converted in less than an hour! So, in the time it took you to watch your favourite TV episode, you could be diving into the many mineral-rich benefits of a mineral pool.

The O3 Series system is simply added on to any existing salt/mineral chlorinator by intercepting the water, oxygenating it and adding those 100% Dead Sea Minerals before it hits your pool.

Still not sure whether a mineral pool system is right for you?

We get it. Trying something new and different can be a bit daunting, especially when it comes to one of your home’s biggest and most costly features.

So don’t just take our word for it - Mineral Swim mineral pool systems have recently been seen on Channel 9’s The Block, Network 10’s Healthy Homes and YouTube’s Three Birds Renovations. We’ll let that sink in…

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Let’s quickly recap

With so many advantages and benefits – both in the long and the short term, it’s easy to see why many pool owners have made the shift to mineral pools.

Offering crystal clear water, a skin-softening, relaxing and hydrating experience, allergy, asthma and eczema safe, and environmental sustainability with Australian made and owned an added benefit, mineral pool systems are becoming increasingly popular across the country.

Mineral pools also appeal not only for what they do offer, but for what they don’t, compared to traditional pool water systems. Gone are the red eyes, itchy skin, smelly chlorine and non-recyclable water. Reduced are the maintenance costs thanks to less chemical build up on your pool equipment.

Find Out More

If you think a mineral pool system is right for you, or even if you’re still not sure about taking the plunge, you can find some more helpful information here.

Alternatively, book in a consultation, or chat to one of our helpful team who are happy to assist with your queries:

Phone: 1300 693 657

Email: info@mineralswim.com

(Psst. We recommend the correct Mineral Swim system is selected and installed by a Maytronics Certified Elite Dealer OR Builder to meet the requirements of your current pool situation (whether building a new one, replacing an existing or converting your existing). You can find out more here. )