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Diving into the Health Benefits of a Magnesium Pool

Picture yourself swimming in the Dead Sea, one of the world’s most beautiful marvels and the earth’s richest source of natural salts. Submerged in its therapeutic waters, your skin tingles and at once feels softer, rejuvenated by the salts and minerals revered over thousands of years for their healing properties. Buoyed by the salts, you swim in harmony with the Earth. Your body returns to balance in the unique Dead Sea salt waters.

Mineral Swim Magnesium Pool Dead Sea Salt

Now imagine experiencing this on a daily basis, except you don’t need to fly to far-flung places to enjoy the proven health outcomes of swimming in mineral-rich water. Instead, you can have it right in your backyard with a Mineral Swim™ magnesium pool.

What is a Magnesium Pool?

Magnesium or mineral pools, to state the obvious, are pools filled with water high on magnesium salt quantity in contrast to the salt-chlorine combination that has been the convention up to now. Combining 100% natural dead sea minerals with ozone-to-oxygen water purification technology, Mineral Swim’s magnesium pool brings the Dead Sea home, offering its natural health benefits and relaxing properties to you, right where you live. In this article, we give you the low-down on how magnesium pools can benefit your health and why Mineral Swim’s magnesium pool could be your ticket to an itch-free summer. Let’s get into it!

Mineral Swim 100% Natural Dead Sea Minerals

Diving into the Health Benefits of a Magnesium Pool

To say ‘health benefits’ is great, but what exactly are these benefits? Well, we’re glad you asked. The tradition of submerging in mineral-rich dense bodies of water can be traced back to the earliest civilizations, when scientists were looking at the beneficial properties of mineral springs to heal skin diseases and relieve muscular and joint pains. Today, this practice is known as ‘balneotherapy’ and although the customs surrounding this act differ in every continent, its underlying therapeutic mechanism is universally acknowledged.

So, what does a magnesium pool have to do with all of this? Well, soaking in a magnesium pool is in fact, the simplest form of balneotherapy! The mineral-medicinal waters of a magnesium pool can produce the same desired revitalising effect due to the presence of vital salts and minerals that have been scientifically proven to heal the body from various chronic diseases over centuries. Not convinced? Here are 10 other ways a magnesium pool can benefit your health:

1. Provides Relief for Skin Conditions

Let’s face it, no one likes being left out of a pool party. But when you’ve got sensitive skin, even a short pool swimming session can turn your skin red, itchy and flaky. So, what do you do when everyone else is having fun except for you?

Well, you can sit by the pool and watch the pink flamingos float by (not amusing). Or you could dive into a magnesium pool. Minerals are reparative, as opposed to degenerative and drying. The silky feeling you get when you get out of a mineral pool is not just a layer on top of the skin that goes away ━ the minerals and salts found in a magnesium pool have been scientifically proven to penetrate and repair your skin as you swim and even when you’re out of the pool. That is why dermatologists around the world agree on the healing effects of magnesium on sensitive skin and its ability to soothe common skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.

2. Relaxes your Muscles

You tried capsaicin cream. You swapped sit-ups for planks. And yet, your back pain is just as excruciating as ever. It’s time to try swimming in a mineral pool, another option that could provide some relief. By submerging yourself in mineral pools, your body absorbs the surrounding magnesium which in turn relaxes your muscles, soothes joint aches, and significantly reduces the chance of future cramping.

Magnesium Mineral Pool Relax Muscles

Having a bath in a magnesium pool can also offer relief for sore muscles and muscle spasms and can ultimately help you maintain a more relaxed demeanour even while out of the pool.

3. Improves Sleeping Patterns

We’ve all been there, tossing and turning, worried about missing an early-morning flight, or thinking about tomorrow’s big meeting. Lack of sleep can cause much bigger problems than irritability and grumpiness ━ it can make you downright unhealthy.

Mineral pools can aid in this regard by boosting your blood circulation between your head and heart, which can result in a deeper and more restful sleep. Additionally, the silky softness of a magnesium pool provides a feeling of weightlessness, almost like you’re floating on a blanket. This all contributes to an overall deep relaxation session, which can, over time, improve your sleeping pattern and boost your immune system.

4. Increases Skin Elasticity

Good health doesn’t just show up on the inside ━ swimming in mineral pools is often associated with enhanced aesthetics, allowing the skin to press pause on premature ageing. Without magnesium, the skin becomes a host to inflammation and free radical damage which can ultimately cause wrinkles.

Mineral Pools Relief Skin Conditions

The good news is that minerals found in magnesium pools can significantly improve the skin’s elasticity by injecting moisture back into dry or drying skin (as opposed to what chlorinated pools have historically done to our skin). This leaves our skin feeling soft and silky, while also slowing down the advent of wrinkles.

5. Helps you De-Stress

Never to be underestimated, is the power of de-stressing and relaxation. A stressed state can lead to all sorts of health complications, such as high blood pressure, depression, and an increase in the output of the stress hormone, cortisol. The simple experience of soaking in a magnesium pool can have profound relaxation effects due to the presence of decompressing and detoxifying minerals which can turn off our fight-or-flight stress response, allowing our bodies to heal and improving our resilience in the face of stress.

6. Improves Hair Health

The benefits of mineral pools aren’t just skin-deep. Minerals are also good for your crowning glory. While traditionally chlorinated pools can strip your hair or even turn it green, minerals leave it feeling smooth and conditioned.

Magnesium Mineral Pool Hair Health

This may explain why a lot of swimmers don’t wash their hair after swimming since it already feels clean, smooth and hydrated. Magnesium is also responsible for improving the strength of our hair follicles, stopping hair loss and breakage while also enhancing its natural sheen.

7. Boosts Energy Levels

It’s a little-known fact that magnesium — renowned as the sleep mineral and the anti-stress mineral — is also needed to fight fatigue. That’s right! We need magnesium for energy production. In fact, magnesium enables your very cells to produce the energy you need to draw a breath. So, the next time you’re feeling lethargic, try dipping into a mineral pool. It can almost instantly boost your energy levels as it aids in the circulation of blood to your heart, muscles, and brain, which can in turn allow you to be more in tune with your body’s energy levels.

8. Strengthens Bone Density & Lowers Blood Pressure

Spending time in a mineral-dense pool has been proven to strengthen bone density as it aids in better absorption of calcium to the body.

Mineral Pool Magnesium Bone Density

Additionally, magnesium and calcium work hand in hand to regulate blood pressure levels ━ the transdermal absorption of these minerals as you swim can lower blood pressure and eventually prevent hypertension.

9. Eliminates Body Odour

Tired of foul body odour cramping your style? A dip in a magnesium pool can minimise and even eliminate body odour. As an anti-bacterial mineral, magnesium’s ability to soak up bad smells is unquestionable, and that may be due in part to its pH. The alkaline nature of this must-have mineral helps to neutralise acids that occur during bacterial breakdown when you sweat. So, if deodorants or scented soaps haven’t worked, try a magnesium bath instead and experience the miracle!

10. Boosts Immunity

Magnesium in itself is a mineral that is critical to many systems in your body. It helps regulate blood pressure and overall heart health, supports muscle and nerve function, and increases energy production. It is also responsible for carrying out 300 major cellular processes and enzyme reactions in your body. So, when you bathe in a magnesium pool, the magnesium is absorbed transdermally (through the skin) to boost your body and mind. A balanced mind-body connection can eventually boost your immune system and contribute to a healthier, happier, and longer life.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know the exact benefits of mineral pools, you’re only one step away from enjoying the manifold positive benefits that one could bring to your home. So, if you aren’t up for a trip to the Dead Sea but really want to experience the therapeutic wonders of soaking into a mineral oasis, Maytronics Mineral Swim™ has got you covered!

Why Maytronics Mineral Swim™?

Maytronics Mineral Swim™ is the only magnesium pool system available in Australia that includes the additional water purification of Ozone Swim™ ━ Ozone instantly neutralises any organic contaminant and converts it into oxygen before the water hits your pool, making the pool water noticeably softer, safer, and more hygienic. Combined with 100% Dead Sea magnesium-rich minerals, Mineral Swim™ pools have been designed to harness nature’s gifts of mineral waters ━ the flocculent effect of magnesium-rich Dead Sea salts and minerals clarifies the water and ensures a frictionless experience when you’re gliding through the pool.

If all of the above sounds like a dream to you, speak to your local Elite Dealer or Elite Builder today for tailored details about our Mineral Swim™ pools.