The science of the Dead Sea

For thousands of years the hypersaline Dead Sea has been visited by people seeking its therapeutic and healing properties for the purpose of improving various skin conditions. Cleopatra is well documented for setting up the first beauty spas right on the shores of the Dead Sea. Since that time, the Dead Sea has become a major centre for health research and treatment. The mineral content of the Dead Sea, the very low content of pollens and other allergens in the atmosphere, the reduced ultraviolet component of solar radiation, and the higher atmospheric pressure at this great depth each have specific health effects.

Today people all over the world can enjoy the benefits of using the high concentration of minerals from the Dead Sea. Discover the research into the well-being benefits of the Dead Sea.


The effects of Dead Sea minerals

The aging process and its characterization in keratinocytes have not been studied until now...

Bathing in a magnesium-rich Dead Sea salt solution

Improves skin barrier function, enhances skin hydration, and reduces inflammation...